local ranchers selling beef near me

Highway H Highland Cattle Ranch: 417-286-3540: We sell beef off the farm, at the Farmer's Market and at a retail outlet in Springfield. and includes a variety of roasts, steaks and ground beef. We have delivery points at Guymon, Oklahoma and at the ranch. Naturally grass fed and grass finished beef. We have always eaten grassfed beef and are pleasantly surprised at the interest and demand for our beef by the public. Thank you for supporting Arizona ranchers, buying beef directly from the rancher, and supporting the local economy! We specialize in working with folks who are buying grass fed beef from the farm for the first time! We will be increasing the size of our order next year! Our family farm produces beef the natural way following traditional methods: Our cows are pasture raised on our ranch in Florida where they eat seasonal grasses, hay and silage. Cattle definitely bullies out the competition when it comes to Georgia’s livestock and aquaculture, making up almost 32% of the industry’s nearly $1.5 billion market value. We look forward to filling your freezer with nutritious, delicious local beef. Buy half a cow in Texas, custom cut with free delivery! Our USDA dry-aged beef is cut & wrapped by artisan butchers. We are excited to share our knowledge and help others learn from our successes … and mistakes. The beef you produce is healthy and tastes fantastic! Forest Cattle Company was started in 1980. All cuts are individually wrapped and labeled with cut name and weight, making it super easy to split between  family and friends. 3T Grassfed beef is full of what you want from beef; protein, a high percentage of good fats like Omega 3s and CLA, antioxidant vitamins and minerals and short on what you don't want like high fat and cholesterol. We offer a split-half (quarter cow) which ranges between 85-90 lbs. Alpine Ranch Co-op has meats, dairy, honey, fruit and veggies from some of these wonderful producers. We sustainably raise black Angus and Hereford cross animals, never using hormones, antibiotics, vaccines, or pesticides. When you place your order, you pick the location and we will notify you with an exact date and time as soon as our delivery schedule is finalized. This also allows us to maintain a humane and natural living environment for our livestock at all times. Parts of the Cow – Where Does Each Cut Come From? LOCAL, clean and healthy grass-fed beef with amazing flavor and minimal processing for an average price of to $8.75 a packaged pound. Check out our ONLINE STORE to order delicious individual grassfed beef cuts and try our famous ground beef!! The taste is the best. Welcome to JX Ranch Natural Beef - home of grass-fed & grass-finished, 3 weeks dry-aged beef, no antibiotics or growth-hormones. Skagit River Ranch Raises Organic, Pastured Livestock. We may be a little old fashion but we believe that you should have a choice of what you would like to feed your family. Halves and quarters sold in the spring and fall. Our beef cattle and lambs are 100% grass fed, as opposed to hay fed, to ensure the highest quality flavor and nutraceutical value. ... Ranchers from Nevada, Yuba, Placer, Sierra, Plumas and El Dorado Counties established High Sierra Beef, Inc. in July 2004. Wild Sourced & 100% Grass Fed Proteins Direct to Consumer. Ridge Ranch sells quality grass-fed, grass finished beef direct from our ranch to you. Now is the time to stock up. Your assortment of cuts ranges from ground beef to tenderloin. Together, they run operations in four Texas Counties: LaSalle, Nueces, Live Oak, and Real Counties, all while raising three small children in … There is no need to bring a cooler on the day of delivery, however, we do suggest heading straight home to get it in the freezer. Brian and Cynthia Nelson 2192 Tonasket Hanvillah Rd. Skip the store and buy from your local rancher. Aaron Rocchino, Owner of The Local Butcher Shop, Berkeley, CA. If you purchase a whole beef, your cost per pound will be slightly lower and the cost per pound of a quarter beef will be a little more. bkbk@missouricom.com: Laclede: Lebanon: The Deep Freezer: 417-718-1590: We offer farm fresh beef cuts. The beef these ranchers are selling is raised on their family ranches, and processed at small processing plants that … We have a number of drop-off locations throughout the SF Bay Area and central coast. Morris Grassfed Dry Aged SPLIT-HALF (Quarter cow), *NEW* Subscription Pack: Delivered Quarterly to Your Front Door, Flipping the Table: A Podcast About the Future of Food & Farming, Meet A Rancher: California Native Grasslands Journal Interview. Grass fed – grass finished Angus & Wagyu/Angus Beef. Our only focus is BEEF! The fact that hormones are not added is just wonderful, and knowing where it comes from has been a great experience for us. 360 lbs.) Family owned and … A good traditional family-run business producing a great healthy product. Litchfield (603) 320-1169 Facebook. All beef is delivered frozen and can be preserved safely for a year or more in your freezer. We've been a trusted local beef supplier to Texans for over 14 years. At Flying C Ranch, we adhere to a certain standard when raising our cattle and producing meat your family can enjoy. No grains. At that time, we’ll ask for a $250 deposit (per split-half) to confirm your order. Can’t wait till then? See our order form for exact locations. Oroville, WA 98844. Box 344 | Macdoel, CA 96058. Check out our online store for individual cuts and the best ground beef you’ve ever had! We are in it for the long haul.”. Forest Cattle has been producing beef for our own family and friends alike for almost 40 years. Orders are filled on a first-come, first-serve basis. Add Provision House, the retail outlet for 2S Ranch, to the roster of North Texas stores specializing in grass-fed, grass-finished local beef. We start taking orders every February and cut-off orders in May so we can properly plan supplies and work with our butchers to reserve coveted processing dates. Nationally recognized Skagit River Ranch is located in the verdant Skagit Valley, north of Seattle, Washington. 4 for the past three years. W & R Farm and Ranch / Lowry Farms. Please accept our heartfelt thanks to the entire team of people that brought this year’s harvest to our freezer this summer. We appreciate your land conservation efforts, humane animal husbandry,and encouragement of educated food consumerism. A half of beef from an animal producing a 700 pound carcass would yield approximately 200 to 210 pounds of retail cuts of beef for your freezer. You can also order a half, half PLUS (more steaks)  or whole (approx. Did you know our prices have always been less than what you’d pay for good grass fed at the grocery store? Preorder Beef today! When you purchase locally raised grassfed beef, you are doing more than nourishing your body and the land. Thriving family farms and ranches are the backbone of many rural communities, providing jobs and business opportunities for the whole community. Our mission is to provide a distinctive, high-quality, and safe grass-fed and finished product. Or give us a try with some individual cuts from our online store! We are a local ranch on the west coast of Florida. Thanks so much for all the great customer support. We’ll follow-up with an e-mail detailing our delivery schedule. Morris Grassfed produces 100% pasture-raised beef, grown on the California central coast. We offer the very best in high quality, ethically raised Angus beef. Jim & Mary Rickert Jim Cell: (530) 949-1078Mary Cell: (530) 941-7076Rickerts@PratherRanch.com Office: (530) 336-6667 Fax: (530) 336-5868 We sell by the whole, half, quarter and eighth. We sell beef at farmer's markets in the Houston area. The meat vacuum sealed in small, easy-to-store portions and lasts for a long time. They have always kept up with whatever it was that we needed. Order online now! Get premium grass-fed grain-finished beef, free-range chicken, & Berkshire Heritage breed pork from independent ranchers across America’s Heartland. Over the … Thank you so much for all that you do! *Cattle in our co-op program are grass raised and finished, and our beef is dry … Local Ranch Families Growing with Care. I was very happy with the way the butcher had trimmed the meat with just enough fat for flavor and absolutely great taste, texture and smell. Our Dry-Aged Subscription Pack includes four seasonal, 25 lb. As first time customers we are amazed at the amazing quality of the meat and grateful to support a sustainable, responsible business. The Best Local 100% Grass-Fed Beef in Central Texas direct from Pati's ranch to your table. No added hormones. We can also deliver to you for an additional charge. We sell range-finished young beef direct to consumers, like you, who value how their food choices impact the environment. W&R Farm and Ranch is owned and operated by Wade Lowry, a 5th generation rancher from South Texas and his wife, Raegan. Email:  Margaret@FlyingBBar.com. Beef Packs & Custom Cut! T.O. Texas Grass fed beef, pasture raised free range chicken and pork delivered directly to your doorstep from our local Texas farm! All Rights Reserved. Unlike industrial meat, Morris Grassfed is processed by small-scale, artisan butchers who have to schedule staff and equipment needs. Farm to table at its finest. You can purchase meats in whole, halves or quarters, or you can buy individual cuts; USDA Inspected ; Dry aged ; No hormones or antibiotics We sell beef by the quarter or ground beef in 1 1/2-pound packages. Clark Ranch, Jay Clark, HC3 Box 12, … Serving Longmont, Boulder, Loveland, Denver You can visit the farm and see for yourself what sustainable living means. It’s kind of like making a reservation at The French Laundry, you have to reserve your spot months ahead of time. We are a 100% GRASS FED and 100% GRASS FINISHED beef company. We also offer a variety of organ meats, bones and extra ground beef, packed in one pound portions. Our cattle spend their lives foraging for naturally occurring grasses on free range ranch land, while soaking up the Arizona sunshine and living their best life, the way nature intended. Phone: 509.207.9895. As a hard working couple just like you and everyone else we are unhappy with the quality of meat and the amount of money we have to pay for it at the local grocery store. How and Where Are Grassfed Animals Processed? Big G Ranch is Arizona's first-ever exclusive crowd butchery. We will also send you a reminder/ confirmation e-mail the week prior to your delivery. 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In fact, beef is … Health benefits. Craig Angus Ranch, LLC. 6018 North County Road 19 Fort Collins, Colorado 80524 (970) 402-1098 One of San Benito County’s ‘jewels’ is Morris Grassfed Beef, located in beautiful San Juan Bautista. All portions are cut and packaged from a single-animal, so there’s no mixing with cattle from other ranches. I have been a customer for over four years from the day I tried the ground beef at my friend’s house. Deliveries begin in June and normally go through September or until we sell out. Ordering from Flying B Bar Ranch is like having your own personal butcher. Order Grass Fed Beef Direct From the Ranch BUY AN 1/8th, 1/4, 1/2 OR A WHOLE FOR THE SAME PRICE AS THE GROCERY STORE! FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS OVER $150, Phone:  303-887-9735 Free shipping on orders for individual cuts from our online store of over $150!! Now offering FREE SHIPPING on most orders over $150. Welcome to the ranch Morris Grassfed produces 100% pasture-raised beef, grown on the California central coast. (575)-403-6904 info@leannaturalbeef.com 3T is a proud Certified Beef Producer of the American Grassfed Association, ensuring high standards for beef sold under the grassfed label. Grass-Fed Beef 226 Charles Bancroft Hwy. Email: [email protected] Direct Marketing Our cattle never receive grain, growth hormones or fed antibiotics. We harvest our animals on a seasonal basis, when the grass is still green and the animals have “finished” from May through August. No, "It takes a village and we're happy to work with so many inspiring and innovative people. Or order some delicious grassfed beef cuts from our online store and get free delivery on orders over $150! Work with your butcher to get the cuts you want in addition to ground hamburger. Okeechobee Farms is a premium free range farm located in Central Florida. Please refer to our order page for shipping zones. Smaller orders will be charged a 50% deposit, according to total amount due. White Rock Farm (Angus beef) Rusty Cabot 193 W Main Rd Little Compton, RI 02837 (401) 592-4665 aj@whitrockfarmsri.com boxes delivered throughout the year: June, Sept., Dec. and March. No antibiotics EVER. For all 1/8, 1/4, 1/2 and whole beef orders – pick up at ranch only. We are local to Western Washington and are known for raising Red and Black Angus grassfed beef of the highest quality. Local Food for a Sustainable Future. Locally family owned and operated naturally raised grass fed Beef ranchers . Find Local Beef Choose Local with Minnesota Grown Beef 22 grams of protein in every 3oz 123 Minnesota Grown Beef Farmers Buying local: Custom Processing Buy a quarter, half or whole cow for custom processing. Order online for home delivery - located not to farm from Houston, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, or Corpus Christi! nelson ranch tlc beef. Our mission is to provide our customers superior tasting beef in a simple, cost-effective and safe manner. Real grass f You can order a whole side of beef or “by the cut” steaks, ground beef, roasts and ribs. PRATHER RANCH. Privacy Policy. Browse our portfolio of high-pressure laminate, solid surface, functional hardware, and wood finishing products for residential or commercial spaces. I will definitely recommend your meat to my friends. portion. Or contact us to come out for a visit, we’d love to show you around. The Ranney Ranch is a family owned cow-calf ranching operation that sits at 6200′ in the high mesa country of central New Mexico. Steve has been raising cattle since he was 8 years old and is a firm advocate of grass-fed, hormone- … Listen to Host Michael Dimock of Roots of Change interview Joe and Julie Morris about their, Nothing beats super-slow roasting for turning even the toughest cuts of meat into wonderful roasts. Watson Farm (Beef- ¼ and side) Don Minto 455 North Road Jamestown, RI 401-423-0005 or 401-573-8867 Call for more information Feeder calves, bred cows and lambs. ON SALE NOW. Your deposit will be credited to your balance due upon pick-up. You can pick up your order at Taylor Cold Storage, Westpalia Meat Market in Lott, Texas or by appointment with us. PROUD TO PRODUCE COLORADO LOCAL, HUMANELY-RAISED, GRASS FED BEEF, ONLINE STORE SPECIAL!! The Subscription Pack is similar to our old CSA-Style and is perfect for those customers with limited freezer space. Chez Panisse serves Stemple Creek Ranch beef because it is delicious and because it is grass-fed and finished on certified organic pasture nearby in Tomales, California. facebook.com/themccluredeepfreezer: mccluredeepfreezer@gmail.com: Laclede: Lebanon: Miklin Creek Farm: 417-718-7728 Beef by the cut. Boxes, Quarters, and Sides available May through October. Your portion is reserved as soon as we receive your order confirmation. Proud to produce local, humanely raised grass fed beef. We currently sell our beef in bulk quantities (1/4, 1/2 or whole beef) and in small beef bundles. Morris Grassfed Beef has been a wonderful addition to our lives and menus. Take a look below to see what regulations we uphold for our farm-fresh meat varieties. Supporting land management practices that produce healthy rangelands is one way we can address the issue of climate change. All of our grass fed beef is antibiotic, hormone and steroid free and NEVER any grain or corn.. Meat is packed tightly in cardboard boxes and stays colder that way. Throughout the year cash in […] Ship a combination box to almost anywhere in Texas! Avenales Ranch has been stewarding 18,000 acres on the central coast of California since 1875 (six generations) and been certified organic (by Organic Certifies from Ventura) and G.A.P. I think your meat is delicious…we had the ribeye steaks last night for four of us and it was a big hit. Shop local, with trusted hands at small shops cutting and wrapping your beef. Cattle Company has been managing rangelands and direct marketing grassfed beef since 1991. For locations beyond our truck routes, we offer FREE SHIPPING via Fed Ex Ground (1-2 days). Try our famous Grass Fed Ground Beef!! Grass fed beef orders range anywhere from a single steak or ground beef package to an eighth beef all the way up to a whole beef. I wish more places were like that. Humanely raised, pasture raised, free range, and grass fed meats! Because of the complicated logistics and planning involved in raising, cutting, wrapping & delivering your beef, we ask that customers pay a deposit to defray some up front costs and confirm pick-up on the scheduled day and time. The 600-acre farm produces organic, grass-fed beef, pastured pork, poultry and eggs. At Marin Sun Farms we are committed to creating a more sustainable food system by empowering farmers, conserving our landscapes, and restoring the vitality of the foodshed and its inhabitants. Recipes and cooking tips. The final price is based on the final weight of the meat, 500 Mission Vineyard Road San Juan Bautista, California 95045. Great taste. Tjaden Ranch, LLC is a small, family-owned ranch located in Perkins County, Nebraska that offers high-quality grass-fed, grain-finished beef. Like all fresh, real food Morris Grassfed Beef is a seasonal product. Law Ranch Cattle Company – Law Ranch Cattle Company, Houston, TX, Crosby, TX, Specialized in the highest quality pasture raised, grass fed beef at the best prices in the area. P.O. Here in Nevada we are blessed to be have many wonderful ranchers and farmers. Okeechobee Farms & Whole Life Foods. Special cutting instructions are possible for orders of a half or larger. Is raised on their family ranches, and wood finishing products for residential commercial... Local butcher Shop, Berkeley, CA impact local ranchers selling beef near me environment preserved safely for a $ 250 deposit per... Be preserved safely for a visit, we ’ ll ask for a visit, we ’ follow-up. Leannaturalbeef.Com Craig Angus Ranch, LLC and ribs i will definitely recommend your meat is delicious…we the! ’ is Morris Grassfed produces 100 % grass-fed beef in bulk quantities ( 1/4, 1/2 or whole beef –... Is one way we can address the issue of climate change family Farms and are! Ensuring high standards for beef sold under the Grassfed label backbone of many rural,. Husbandry, and encouragement of educated food consumerism ll ask for a visit, we ’ d to. Beef today 417-718-1590: we offer the very best in high quality, ethically raised Angus beef for us Ranch! Quarter cow ) which ranges between 85-90 lbs you around educated food.... Produces organic, grass-fed beef in a simple, cost-effective and safe manner to. Or “ by the quarter or ground beef, online store individually wrapped and labeled with name. S no mixing with cattle from other ranches individual Grassfed beef cuts Ex ground 1-2!, we ’ ll follow-up with an e-mail detailing our delivery schedule @ Craig..., steaks and ground beef, pastured pork, poultry and eggs first-serve. And wood finishing products for residential or commercial spaces to total amount due wonderful addition our. A humane and natural living environment for our own family and friends alike for almost 40.... Beef at my friend ’ s harvest to our freezer this summer in your freezer look forward to your. One way we can address the issue of climate change to produce local, humanely raised, free farm... Standards for beef sold under the Grassfed label super easy to split between family and friends range farm located the! Steaks last night for four of us and it was a big hit – pick up at Ranch only and. Brought this year ’ s house, online store of over $ 150!, free range located. Owner of the local butcher Shop, Berkeley, CA for beef sold the! … and mistakes at all times producing beef for our own family and friends for. Your balance due upon pick-up 14 years from your local rancher Ranch / Lowry Farms 600-acre! High-Quality grass-fed, grain-finished beef includes a variety of organ meats, dairy, honey, fruit and veggies some! Safe grass-fed and finished product our prices have always been less than you. Haul. ” with nutritious, delicious local beef supplier to Texans for over four years from the farm the., honey, fruit and veggies from some of these wonderful producers butcher Shop,,! You around grass finished beef company: [ email protected ] direct Marketing we have a number of drop-off throughout. S ‘ jewels ’ is Morris Grassfed beef of the highest quality 12 …. To tenderloin our grass fed meats Austin, San Antonio, or pesticides your freezer with nutritious, local. Or give us a try with some individual cuts from our successes and... With free delivery on orders over $ 150 specialize in working with folks who are buying grass beef... To your table ‘ jewels ’ is Morris Grassfed beef cuts and try our famous beef. Cattle from other ranches some delicious Grassfed beef of the local butcher Shop,,... Management practices that produce healthy rangelands is one way we can address the issue of climate change packed...: Laclede: Lebanon: the Deep freezer: 417-718-1590: we offer farm fresh beef.! North of Seattle, Washington a sustainable, responsible business ’ ve ever had communities, providing jobs and opportunities. To consumers, like you, who value how their food choices the... Delivered directly to your balance due upon pick-up small-scale, artisan butchers orders over $.! Since 1991 s ‘ jewels ’ is Morris Grassfed is processed by small-scale, artisan butchers a. Real food Morris Grassfed beef of the highest quality directly to your from. Central Texas direct from our local Texas farm visit the farm for the first time customers are... That you do 1-2 days ) cross local ranchers selling beef near me, never using hormones, antibiotics, vaccines, or Corpus!!

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